SCHOOL GUARD GLASS – Helping to Protect Our Students

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    School Guard Glass™ is specifically designed and tested as a product that is low cost and meets the needs of school security, while eliminating the blast and bullet proof aspect of the product and thus the majority of the cost. The glass is tested to withstand entry from someone who is armed with anything from a hammer to a gun. Our purpose was to create a product that would be so hard to break through that the perpetrator would have to spend five minutes or more trying to gain access. This glass has the ability to stay in place and keep people outside whether they are using a gun or a hammer. This product will require a would be intruder to make so much noise that the people inside the building would know of their presence and contact authorities.


    Our product is not designed to keep someone out of a building indefinitely like blast or bullet rated glass could. Our product is specifically designed to slow their progress dramatically. Currently most glass used in entrances is ¼” tempered glass. Although it meets the state and federal building code for safety it is easily broken and when it does break it breaks into hundred of very small pieces.

    For a fraction of the cost of bullet or blast rated glass we can install into your current entrance system glass and other required parts to keep people out of your building for an additional 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes. Imagine the lives that can be saved in that time.

    Please contact us today to discuss your specification needs or specific end user solutions.